Cameras Compared: iPhone 7 Plus vs Sony a6000

“Dual 12MP camera; wide-angle F/1.8 + telephoto F/2.8; easy switch and live bokeh effects; optical image stabilization; quad-LED flash; phase detection auto focus; wide colour capture; face and body detection…”

It’s no doubt that the iPhone 7 Plus has cameras among the best in the business, but have you ever questioned about how good it is?

This time, we compared iPhone 7 Plus cameras with Sony a6000.

iPhone 7Plus Black 128GB (Retail Price £739.00)
sony a6000 16-50mm F3.5-5.6.jpg
SONY α6000 E-mount camera with 16-60mm Power Zoom Lens  (Retail Price £719.00)

Test 1: Close-up Comparison


The left side is taken by iPhone 7 Plus while SONY a6000 takes the right side. We can see that the iPhone 7Plus has more accurate focusing and a clearer, less noisy image than SONY a6000. Also, the iPhone 7 Plus can provide a brighter image with its dual 12MP camera.

Test 2: Wide-Angle Daylight


This time, we tested the daylight photo and we shot with the same angle and view to make them into one picture for comparison. You can see that the photo taken by iPhone 7 Plus is brighter and with a clearer focus than the a6000 one.

And if you see deeper in the background, the iPhone 7 Plus has a better contrast with the sky and cloud. We can see the colour layers in between.

Test 3: Zoom Photo


We compared the photo quality when setting the zoom distance to 3X. For iPhone 7 Plus, the sky colour has more layer than a6000; meanwhile, the quality is better for a6000 compared to iPhone 7Plus.

To conclude, at almost same price, the iPhone 7 Plus camera performs good, or even better than a SONY mirrorless camera, and please remember that the camera is just one of the many functions of iPhone 7 Plus. It’s really worth getting an iPhone 7 Plus.

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One thought on “Cameras Compared: iPhone 7 Plus vs Sony a6000

  1. This comparisons is kinda of pointless. What are the specs of each picture? Were this randomly taken o was there someone with photography knowledge behind the a6000?


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