Nokia will be back with Android

The old pioneer of the mobile industry – Nokia, has officially announced its release of a new Nokia smartphone. Wow, this news make me so excited.

It is rumored that Android will power the new Nokia smartphone and the specs could sport IP68 water and dust proof, and a 5.2 or 5.5-inch screen display. It is also rumored the CPU will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 430, with 3GB RAM, 16 or 32 GB of storage, and a 16-megapixel rear camera. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The new Nokia would come in Feb 2017.

The biggest change must be the switch from Microsoft OS to Android OS. If all is true, the cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft will end next year. Actually, it is reported that the release of Microsoft Lumia 750, the next Lumia, will be stopped.

The Nokia Empire

Nokia was founded in 1865 in Finland. It was a paper mile at the beginning, then became one of the largest vendors of mobile phones in the world.

Nokia’s first mobile phone was born in 1987 – the Mobira Cityman 900. After that, Nokia focused on developing GSM mobile standard and kept evolving. In 2003, the all-time best-selling mobile phone was created – Nokia 1100. In the same year, Nokia created the Nokia 3310, which was another long lasting hot model.

2The evolution of Nokia

After that, Nokia faced different competition and moved into a difficult period. Nokia created a partnership with Microsoft and started using Windows OS. The Lumia series began, but it turned out a bad result in sales and Nokia almost became bankrupt.

In 2014, Nokia sold its mobile devices division to Microsoft and focused on its profitable network equipment division, Nokia Networks.


What is happening to current Nokia smartphones?

Let’s have a look at the current Nokia/Microsoft Lumia smartphones. Here are some verdicts from CNET and TechRadar respectively:

“With a superb camera, lovely screen and smooth performance, the Lumia 950 XL is an easy sell for the Windows faithful. But with few apps, many areas in need of polish and inconsistent battery life, it isn’t for everyone” – TechRadar –

 “Lumia 950 takes good pictures, has a crystal clear screen and a removable battery. The Cortanna voice assistant and offline maps remain perks. But Windows phones still have a huge app deficit compared to iPhone and Android. The 950’s standout Continuum feature is buggy and cumbersome, and requires separate hardware to use. The phone’s ho-hum design feels dated.”      – CNET –


Microsoft Lumia 950 XL   


Microsoft Lumia 950

 Obviously, the lack of apps due to Microsoft OS has caused a big problem for Nokia. Then, the dated phone design is another problem.

HMD – the new partner of Nokia

The new partner of Nokia is HMD, which is a new private venture founded in Finland, Nokia’s mother country.  However, the CEO of HMD to oversee Nokia’s new coming models will be Arto Nummela, who is the existing VP of Microsoft Mobile Devices Business of Microsoft in the Greater Asia, Middle East and Africa regions.


Arto Nummela, VP of Microsoft Mobile Devices

I hope the new cooperation can bring us back the “long time no see” Nokia.


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