8 Tips for Taking Kid Photos – Super Easy

As parents, you like to take and keep nice pictures of your children, right?.

Having a DSLR helps a lot because most perfect moments happen when the children are moving fast, or when the family stays indoor without plenty of light. A compact digital camera or low end mobile phone is never enough for taking a good picture in these environments.

The price drop of DSLR digital cameras allows more people to take lovely photos. For example, the price of Sony Alpha A6300 has dropped from £1,069 to £849 in only half year. You can own a nice Canon DSLR 1300D for £359, which is very simple to use.

However, there is no guarantee that your pictures will all be beautiful after you have a DSLR. You still need some basic techniques in taking photos, which make your DSLR more worth the value. This article will share with you some basic techniques you must know about to take nice kid photos.

1, Close-up

For sure, most of the time you want kid photos that show details of your kid’s face. Even it is not your purpose, stay closer to your kid when taking photos to fill the picture. The expression at that moment is very important. Don’t worry about cropping out part of your kid; just try to avoid cropping at the joints like knees, elbows and neck.


2, Always take care of the background

The perfect way is getting a plain background which could be white, grey or with simple patterns to show off the subject. Make sure there are no strangers, cars or something around the child’s head. Focus on the kid’s eyes and your pictures will look more professional.

3, Try black and white pictures

Black and white pictures give a timeless feeling, which is good for kid photos. Most DSLRs allow users to select monochrome mode in the camera menu. Again, the background is something you must care about. Choose the background color with high contrast to the subject to make a better effect.


4, Not always smile

You can always make some jokes to make your kid smile. However, there should be other expressions that worth for taking photos, right? Asking them to think something when taking photos is a good way to make natural expressions.

5, Middle is not a right place

Always having a subject in the middle of a picture is boring. Bring your kid to life by slightly moving away from the middle. A better way is to think about a tic-tac-toe grid on your LCD display or in your viewfinder, then place your kid at one of the intersections of lines. You can keep focusing on your kid. First, focus her in the center and press the shutter button halfway. Second, reposition your kid. Very simple.

6, You need to lead the kids

Whenever you take the photos of your child and their friends, you must become someone like a director. Be an active leader in taking control otherwise, you just cannot take good pictures. You need to give a command like “everybody step forward”. If you can give some interesting ideas like “everybody say wow”, or even make yourself engaged like pretending a character, that would be even better. Remember, never push too hard to make them follow all you want.


7, Get down to their height

Always try to make the camera at the same level as your kid’s eyes. It not only makes the photos look better, but also make your kid feel more comfortable. You need to get down but hold the camera tight. Better put your camera strap on!

8, Take care of your kid

Don’t just take photos and forget about your child’s safety. Don’t take too many photos to make your kid tired. Don’t request too much because after all, they are just a kid. Many best pictures are those capturing true emotion.

Hope the above tips are useful to you. Nowadays, some high-end smartphones like iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are equipped with good cameras. The above techniques can also be usable when taking photos with smartphones.

Practice more and capture the real moments. Your photo album will be full of professional photos with true lifelong memories.


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