Meitu T8 – The Smartphone With New Features?

You may find that, recently, there are more mobile phone brands coming up.  Some focus on a niche market, and some are quite interesting.


You may know about the CAT S60, the first smartphone with thermal imaging technology – you can detect and monitor machine performance.



A photo taken by CAT S60, which shows different temperatures of the object.


Another interesting mobile phone is coming from China – Meitu T8.  Meitu is a popular app for selfies and photo editing.  It makes users look as if they’ve had plastic surgery, and that would make users stand out on social media feeds.



A photo edited with Meitu, which makes the photo more outstanding.


Then, why Meitu mobile phone?  The company goes a step further to enter the hardware market.  Here is a round-up of Meitu T8 reviews:



Dubbed AI Beautification, Meitu’s new selfie feature can detect your skin tone, gender, and age, and then beautify you accordingly, even in a group picture. This means each face is enhanced for a better effect. It’s also powerful enough to enhance a face in real time for videos.



The T8 is not the first “selfie smartphone” to come out of China. Both Lenovo and Oppo released low-to-mid range devices last year with powerful front-facing cameras, but Meitu says the T8 is the first smartphone to offer DSLR-type performance and photo quality through its dual pixel technology.



The regular camera app has filters and effects built in, so you don’t need a separate app to edit your selfies, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. The phone’s artificial intelligence-powered editing features are super advanced. It can, for instance, detect different genders and ages and apply effects accordingly. If it detects a small child, it won’t apply as much skin smoothing as it would for a 60-year-old. For men, it covers under eye circles, but won’t blur out your beard or 5 o’clock shadow.



Meitu will officially launch its T8 smartphone soon.


The sales of CAT S60 seem not bad.  We are excited to see if Meitu T8 can exceed their competitors.  Smartphone won’t become a homogenous product, right?


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