Which is better? Microsoft Lumia 950 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Apple iPhone 7

By: Will Mowatt

We compared three popular smartphones those use different operation systems. We focused on testing the OS, social networking, business and photo quality. Some people think Lumia 950 is best for business and Galaxy S7 Edge is best for taking photos. This article will answer if they are right or not.

Microsoft Lumia 950


Still lack of apps

The Lumia 950 runs on Windows 10 Mobile. The native microsoft apps are mediocre, especially the maps. The Microsoft office suite is also available on other platforms, so there is no need to get a Windows phone just for these.

Certain key apps are also languishing behind the current versions on other OS’s, such as twitter, facebook and instagram. The lack of focus by the app developers really shines through, and many others are simply unavailable at all, necessitating reliance on knock-off versions that users of Android and Apple wouldn’t bother with, making it harder to connect with your friends, clients and colleagues.

Social Networking

Still lack of social apps

As we’ve already mentioned, many of the apps that have become ubiquitous for social networking are either poor ports, non-existent or could do with some minor tweaks. This makes the Lumia 950 one of the worst options, at least until app developers start giving more consideration to Windows Mobile users, but for now it’s better to stick with Android or Apple OS phones.


Not compatible enough

First off is the lack of access to some of the best business apps developed by Google which allow for cross-platform use with multiple people accessing documents and files at once in a shared workspace.

The Continuum technology is great for switching what’s on your display to a monitor of any size, but the need to drag around hardware or have dedicated Microsoft Display Docks and cables for certain areas is like a step backwards from similar wireless alternatives that can’t be used with Windows Mobile.


Good photo quality in general

The core camera app has a much better zooming method requiring only one finger whereas nearly all other camera apps need two.

The images are of decent quality and bring out color nicely, making the most of the 20mp rear facing camera and the 5mp front facing camera.  A dedicated camera button on the side of the phone itself makes taking pictures (without being able to see the screen) for high-quality selfies and steady shots much easier.

The HDR is particularly good, which brings out great detail and balance dark and lights. In darker settings, the camera struggles a little with the brightness, overdoing it to a point where it washed out color and blew out light sources.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Good as usual

The Galaxy s7 Edge is built around the Android Marshmallow OS, allowing for full access to all of the best apps available on Google Play. However, Samsung are keen to push their own brand apps, and the s7 Edge comes preloaded with a large amount of these that can take a long time to sort through and uninstall for users that prefer Google versions and don’t want redundancies filling up their storage space.

The UI is redesigned and upgraded from previous models. The Tasks Edge makes it easy to quickly access the most commonly used apps, contacts and tasks, and the integration of a specialised gaming tools area makes the Galaxy s7 Edge a dedicated handheld gaming console by turning off features that interfere with gameplay.

Social Networking


Alongside full compatibility with the most popular social networking apps, the Tasks Edge allows for quick switching between multiple methods of communication so that you can fire off an email in one moment and then rapidly choose between the most frequent contacts.

The multi-window UI also allows you to keep open a chat window, instagram or more whilst performing other tasks. Instead of having to interrupt whatever you were doing just to answer a message, it’s easy to keep up with social networking without sacrificing productivity.


Good for multi-tasking

Many of the same features that make the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge great for social networking also make it a great phone for business use. The multi-tasking capabilities have endless applications. The bundled security features and software such as the fingerprint scanner and Knox security suite help to prevent theft of information and unauthorised access.

Likewise, the always-on screen prevents high priority notifications from being missed – the only downside to this is that tapping the pop up doesn’t automatically open them fully.


Great although the LED flash is not too strong

The camera’s autofocus is one of the best elements. It’s one of the fastest around, making the Galaxy S7 Edge great for getting shots that are a one-time deal. The f.1/7 aperture also allows it to handle low light conditions with good clarity. However, it does have some drawbacks. Compared to the Lumia 950’s whopping 20mpx rear camera, the Galaxy s7 Edge only packs a 12mpx camera, and the LED flash is much weaker in comparison.

Something that users will struggle with is the fairly slow shutter speed. Despite the image stabilization, a steady hand is an absolute must when in dark locations. This isn’t a problem with the camera itself, it’s just an unavoidable aspect of how photography works.

Apple iPhone 7


Great and there should be more documentations

The UI has been upgraded slightly. The lock screen now features much more useful information thanks to the better use of space, and the 3D touch technology makes the iPhone 7 easier to use than ever before. The only downside is the lack of clear documentation on what exactly can be done – which is a real shame as it’s one of the better time saving developments.

Access to the Apple Store exclusive apps is a plus, as Android apps tend to be available on both platforms. It’s also possible to remove some of the least useful apps and widgets that are only useful to a small selection of users that come installed with nearly every single smartphone on the planet.

Social Networking

It is even better now with iMessage

The iPhone 7 is very friendly towards heavy users of social networking apps. The iMessage app has evolved, and strong platform support from other developers has kept all of the most important networking apps in line with new specs and tech. The only real advantage of the iPhone 7 over Android based phones is access to iMessage – but as a considerable percentage of smartphone users as a whole choose Apple, this is quite a big plus.


The security is still one of the strongest points

As a business smartphone the iPhone 7 isn’t the greatest due to the high cost. However, the improved front facing camera and battery life make it good for conference calls, telecommuting and it can be trusted not to run out on you at the worst possible moment, even if you’re switching between multiple apps.

The security of the Apple OS is also a great factor in favor of the iPhone 7 that can’t be ignored from a business standpoint.


Excellent for night photography

Something that really stands out about the iPhone 7 over the other two phones we’ve looked at so far is the 7mpx selfie camera, allowing for much better quality overall. It performs well in difficult conditions such as low lighting, but the lack of manual settings diminishes the functionality somewhat – although the automatic adjustments are generally quite capable for casual purposes. The iPhone 7 plus possesses a much more powerful camera and software, so if you’re a diehard iPhone fan and can’t live without a powerful camera, it may be worth checking one of those out instead.


We made a table as follows to conclude what we found from these smarphones.

Lumia 950

Galaxy S7 Edge

iPhone 7


Social Networking



To answer the question at the very beginning, we think Galaxy S7 Edge is better for Business and iPhone 7 is better in photo quality.


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