Cat S60, The Phone Made by the Construction Machinery Manufacturer

The sales of Cat S60 keep increasing lately. We wondered the reasons and took a sample for testing.

cat s60-1

The first feeling was not good because it was thick, heavy and old fashion. We thought it was for the people in the construction industry. People also say it is for engineers checking machine conditions.

Then we tested the function of taking thermal pictures. We suddenly loved this phone. We took some thermal pictures randomly in an office, including a picture of a photocopy machine, an air conditioner and an old man. Here are the thermal photos with original photos for sharing:

Photocopy Machine

Look at the temperature difference between the scanner and the paper tray.

Thermal                                                                               Original


Air Conditioner

Look at the temperature difference between the air outlet and the light nearby.

Thermal                                                                                 Original


Old Man

Look at the temperature difference between his head and buttock.

Thermal                                                                                Original


Can you see how accurate it is?! It was so easy to point at different location to see the temperature differences. The FLIR camera app was so easy to use.

It was fun. Although we did not do the drop and water test, we believe this phone performs well too. It must be good for people working outdoor or inside a plant and etc. It is a very special mobile phone.

It is, however, not my cup of tea. I personally think it is too big and too heavy. Yes, I work in an office.

Here are some official product descriptions for reference:

– Weight: 222g; Thickness: 12.95mm

– IP68 certified waterproof, 5m depth for one hour

– FLIR thermal camera

– 4.7-inch HD display with Gorilla Glass 4

– MIL-STD-810G certified drop proof, 1.8m fall

– SOS button: message sent to a defined contact

To see more about Cat S60, please visit:


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